The World is in abundance of talented people that were born to create music – but what happens when your talent and passion is limited by your abilities?

Digit Music and Able Orchestra

The Founders of Digit Music, including Music Producer, DJ and Performer – Si Tew, have been privileged to work with the Able Orchestra for many years, with the aim of battling restrictions from music creation and enabling these incredible young people to express themselves through music performance in the easiest possible way.


The team discovered Able Orchestra, and other people restricted from music creation because of disabilities, have – until now – often relied upon tablets and touch-screen technologies to produce and perform their music. Whilst these methods are fantastic in many ways, the Digit Music team found that they were still restrictive because they required adaptations or newly learned movement from users. The team discovered a need for a fit-for-purpose controller device that is tailored to suit people that want to create music with a wide range of restrictions, and after working with many people that use electric wheelchairs, it was apparent that these people have a proficiency of movement using these controllers. From this discovery formed an innovative and revolutionary idea that is set to transform music creation for restricted users – and this idea became Control One.

Control One

Control One is a regular electric wheelchair controller which has been adapted for its use in music creation. Users can perform and interact through bespoke audio sessions with complex musical phrases using small and simple movements from the joystick. Settings can be adapted and tailored to each user, and multiple devices can be used to create ensemble performances, which Digit Music believes will be groundbreaking for specialist schools. Not only is Control One an easy-to-use device for high level performance, it is also highly effective and creative tool for composition and learning.

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