ashfield academy

We have had a busy yet fulfilling beginning to the week; we spent Monday and Tuesday at Ashfield Academy introducing our revolutionary Control One device. Ashfield Academy is a Special Educational Needs school, accommodating for the ages between 4-19, where it celebrates its excellent spirit in nurturing young individuals with a wide range of disabilities. Over the course of these two days, we delivered a workshop introducing the Control One device, discussing and presenting its ease of use to unleash musical expression. By the second day, the class of 10 eagerly composed a piece of music and performed it, making it a very rewarding day of unlocking new musical talents!

Our Aim to Visit Schools

Here at Digit music, we strongly believe that music is a primary form of creative expression which should be accessible for every single individual. Playing or composing music was once an inaccessible and a restricted activity for those with physical disabilities; however, we are extremely proud of the Control One device which has been designed to adapt to modern technology, combined with the recognition of the ease of use in electric wheelchair controls. As part of our Control One campaign, we are currently embarking on our vision to visit SEN (Special Education) schools across the UK, to grant children and young adults with disabilities, the ability to experience the joy of music and inspire any budding music creators who have felt creatively restricted the music sector.

Find Out More About Control One

If you would like to find out more information about Control One, request a workshop for your school – or find out how our classroom packages could benefit yours and your students – take a look at our website for more information, or get in contact with the Digit Music team today and start your journey.