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Songwriting Simplified: How to Easily Compose Music Without Playing an Instrument

A guide for those eager to compose songs without traditional musical skills. Explore digital tools, chord progressions, and AI technologies like CMPSR, making songwriting accessible to everyone.

DJ to Producer: Navigating the Journey from Mixing to Music Creation

Progressing from a DJ to a music producer marks the beginning of a thrilling chapter in an artist’s career. It’s a journey that many of our team have been on and we can guarantee, you’re in for a hell of a ride!

BlueDollarBillz on Garage, Grime & Growth

We recently had a chat with the mind behind BlueDollarBillz, exploring the channel’s journey from its grime roots to becoming a hub for electronic music enthusiasts.

Start Your Music Production Journey: Affordable Home Studios & Beat-Making Tips for Beginners

This guide is your gateway to setting up an efficient home studio and mastering the art of beat-making or songwriting for the modern musician.

A Chat with El Guapo Musica

We sat down with Joni and Juan from El Guapo Musica to discuss all things music, remotely recording, live percussion, sample packs and more.

Transform Your Songwriting with Easy Beat Making using CMPSR

Discover how CMPSR integrates with music production software to overcome songwriting blocks and fuel your creativity.

The Sound Of A Nation: Nairobi Rhythms

We recently sat down with Sean Peevers from Supersonic Africa to talk life, music and creating a truly unique sample pack!

CMPSR Goes ‘Klarna’

We’ve teamed up with the Klarna to offer some split payment options on CMPSR. Find out more inside!

What is the CMPSR Perform Pack?

Introduction Travelling with musical instruments can be something of a nightmare, especially when moving between…

Break Out Of The Box With MIDI

MIDI Instrument Guide MIDI instruments have emerged as a must-have tool in today’s music production…

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