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At Digit Music, we’ve made it our mission to break down the barriers to creativity that various disabilities can impose on those affected. Control One, our pioneering technological invention, provides wheelchair users with a simple, revolutionary way to create and compose music from the comfort of their own controllers.

Combining outstanding research with astonishing innovation, Digit Music’s Control One technology has given previously disadvantaged people the opportunity to channel their amazing creativity into a brave, vital new form of music composition, performance and production, opening the doors to confidence and education in the process.

But, don’t just take it from us. Of the many people whose lives have changed thanks Control One, Jess Fisher’s story is one of the most inspirational. As an avid music lover who uses a wheelchair every day, Jess has been one of our biggest success stories.

To find out more about just how much of an impact Control One has had on her life, we sat down with Jess and her family to ask her a series of questions about her experiences with such a groundbreaking form of musical technology.

An Interview with Jess Fisher

Digit Music: Where did your love of music come from?

Jess: My love of music came from growing up in church, and being surrounded by my siblings who were a part of the worship team at my local church. My older sister sings and plays the guitar, my twin sister plays the cajón and my younger brother plays the piano.

Digit Music: How have you made music in the past?

Jess: In the past, I have made music through soundbeams and iPads.

Digit Music: How did you hear about Digit Music and Control One?

Jess: Way back in 2013, Inspire Youth Arts came into Fountaindale Specialist School to teach us how to put music together through an iPad. Si Tew (founder of Digit Music) was employed by them and came along to help. He has worked with us ever since.
During one of our sessions with Si, we discussed how it would be great if something could be done with the wheelchair controller as it was a familiar piece of equipment that we used every day and we had built up a lot of muscle memory from doing so.

Si went away and, using his brilliant knowledge of all things tech, created Control One. Si then asked me if I would be the first one to play Control One, and I have performed and produced several tracks since then.

Digit Music: What makes Control One different from other tools made to help disabled people make music?

Jess: What makes Control One easy to use is the fact that it is part of our everyday life anyway as we have all of that muscle memory stored up. It also doesn’t require a lot of effort, unlike holding or playing a musical instrument, and it’s very straightforward because it only requires the use of one hand.

Digit Music: What skills have you been able to develop after using Control One?

Jess: After using Control One, I have learnt how to put my own piece of music together as well as how to apply visual effects. I’ve also learnt how to memorise sheets of music. I think the most important skill I’ve learnt is the technical side of music creation. My social skills have also definitely improved as I’m having to interact more with different people.

Digit Music: How has your life changed after using Control One?

Jess: Firstly, I can make music just like my siblings can, but in a different way, and
I’m getting to perform on stage. It’s also opened up new opportunities for me, to help break down the barriers for people with disabilities.

It’s given me a new perspective on technology. When there’s so much negativity around it, it can be used for good. I also get to work with some amazing people and all the fantastic staff at Inspire Youth Arts!

Digit Music: What does the future hold for you?

Jess: I am looking forward to starting a new mentoring role with Si. This consists of going around schools and teaching others how to use Control One. I am also looking to continue making music and I am hopeful that this could turn into something wonderful.

I am certainly hoping that Control One will change people’s perceptions and the restrictions surrounding people with disabilities, showing them that anything is possible despite their limitations.

The Future of Digit Music

At Digit Music, we’re proud of how Control One has enabled many disabled people to discover a new outlet for their creativity and, in Jess’ case, presented them with many life-changing and previously-unreachable opportunities.

It’s our ambition to create many people in the same mould as Jess Fisher and to continue to dissolve the barriers keeping disabled people from showing the world the true extent of their creativity.

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