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About Us

Digit is an inclusive and innovative audio production company, making assistive hardware, software and content for music-making that is aimed at the diverse range of customers we serve.

Our Services

We make assistive hardware, software, content and learning programmes, whilst our music catalogue covers all genres, moods, emotions and project types.

Specialists in SEN and Assistive Technology solutions, our expertise is in developing and bringing to market technology products and services, aimed at the education, home learning and workplace sectors, and creating unforgettable learning experiences to wrap around these.

We think differently about disability and look to change the world through technology and story, changing behaviour and cultures through our business, networks, and communities, whilst reaping the benefits of inclusive recruitment practices. 

Simply put; our frameworks, products and services aim to reflect the diverse range of customers we serve. 

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As area experts we have lived experience of the challenges and solutions that you may be interested in, we can help you or your organisation with best practice, which can start by simply having a chat.


We produce world-class audio that can be heard in film, TV, games, advertising campaigns and more and our sample content is distributed globally via the world’s largest platforms and have been used by clients around the world. Created by an ever-expanding roster of hugely talented and differently-abled artists and composers from around the globe that adds depth, individuality and social value to our catalogue. You can have a listen here (link to follow)​


Control One is an award winning, adapted wheelchair controller which acts as an inclusive interface for music-making.


Talent development opportunities and apprenticeships that give young people the skills and confidence needed to progress in today’s creative industries through our vibrant and progressive business model.


Ranging from workshops, events and talent development programmes, we create unforgettable experiences designed to bring people together and equip them with skills and confidence, embedding arts and creativity in everyone.


Used by people at home, at work or to have fun, our technologies enable all users to take part independently and meaningfully.​.

Our Clients

Our passion is sound, and whatever you need for your project, a member of our team will specialize in that.

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