Digit Music

We are Digit Music, an inclusive and innovative audio production company and sample pack label.

We’ve spent many years perfecting our craft so that our customers can concentrate on writing the music that they want to write, using our sounds to help in their quest for perfection.

The musicians and producers we work with have played with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Sam Smith, Rag’n’Bone Man, Bjork, Ed Sheeran, Mary J.Blige, Nile Rodgers and more, plus had music featured in charts and synced to film and TV across the world. This pool of talent allows us to produce sample packs that span genres from Acoustic to Hip Hop & Trap to Cinematic Soundscapes via Dance music in all its various and wonderful forms…

Not only are the musicians world class our team of producers and engineers are top their game with an obsession for quality and attention to detail. The packs are made with the end users at the forefront of the process and often include chopped up and effected versions of the samples to inspire and enable quick workflows and world class productions.

Using material from the sample packs we make, we have developed an extensive library of music which spans genres and moods to give filmmakers the emotions they need for their production. Our music has been used across global TV networks by clients such as BBC, Nat GEO, MTV and BT Sport.

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