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CMPSR® – music made easier.

A music instrument for aspiring artists, creators or songwriters that brings the fun back to playing.

Plug your CMPSR into any device and play notes and chords by moving the joystick and pressing the buttons, allowing you to lay down a track much quicker and easier than other midi controllers.

A hand held instrument, like a piano but easier to play. Instead of pressing keys, you use a joystick and buttons to play notes and chords!


✅ Professional track production with Bitwig 8 track music software

✅ Over 1GB+ of ready-to-go samples

✅ Access to tips, tricks, tutorials, project templates & more

✅ Capture inspiration anytime, anywhere!


What you get with our CMPSR music maker bundle …

Want to sound like a pro in moments? Just click the button below and Buy CMPSR – when you do, here’s what you will get…
  • Sound like a pro musician in minutes. Experience the satisfaction of creating professional-quality music effortlessly.
  • An intuitive notation system. Simplify your music-making process and focus more on creativity and less on technicalities.
  • Inclusively designed so everyone can play. Feel the inclusivity and freedom to express yourself musically, regardless of your background.
  • No need for musical theory. Jump straight into creating music without the barriers of complex theory.
  • Lots of bundled content. Explore a vast array of sounds and tools to enhance your musical palette.
  • The fastest way to make music. Enjoy the efficiency and speed of our streamlined music creation process.
  • Turn any mobile device into a powerful instrument. Experience the convenience and flexibility of making music on-the-go.

What makes CMPSR different?
The key things...

Easy To Play Master melodies and chords effortlessly with a single-finger, whilst always being in key. Portable Freedom

Experience the power of a full piano in the palm of your hand, without the hassle of cables.

Versatile Pads

Trigger samples, craft chords, and extend notes, all at your fingertips.

Why Choose CMPSR?

  • Write a song in 90 seconds

  • Create anywhere, anytime

  • No musical experience needed

Don’t just take our word for it

Put musical freedom at your fingertips

Unlock Your Musical Potential with CMPSR




Introducing CMPSR, our debut MIDI instrument that does things a little differently! Velocity-sensitive joystick for an expressive playing experience.


Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 20 cm

Here is what our customers say

  • “Wow it really is an instrument, it’s so expressive.”

    Jon – Experienced Musician

  • “One of my students learnt his performance 6x quicker with CMPSR instead of a keyboard”

    Kerry – Music Teacher

  • “It’s got it’s own personality. When I played CMPSR it made me play things differently.”

    Jay – skilled piano player

  • “I can record chord progressions that I could only dream of on a keyboard”

    Tommy – aspiring musician

  • “You’re not just selling a controller, you are enabling creativity”

    Trey – disabled producer