Able Orchestra performing at Metronome, Nottingham © Digit Music. Photo taken by Mark Allsop.


“I love the controller. It’s easy to use because I use one everyday The only difference is this one makes music and the other one gets me about.”
– Jess (Able Orchestra)

“The Controller is a highly innovative development, enabling people with very limited movement to control digital technology and contribute to the creation and performance of music.”
– Stuart Bruce (Orchestras Live)

“Control One is a unique technical development stemming from working with young people during the Able Orchestra creative sessions and performances. Individual performances created and performed using Control One have already produced some of the most memorable moments during recent Able events.”
– Jon Bevan (Inspire Youth Arts Nottinghamshire)

“Im really excited, both by the tech and Si‘s approach to accessibility.”
– Kris Halpin (Dyskinetic/Drake Music)

“Taking part in arts and cultural activities fires imagination, self expression and creativity and we’re delighted to ne supporting this ground-breaking project.”
– Peter Knott (Arts Council England)

“This piece of technological equipment opens doors in terms of accessibility that has not been offered before.”
– Sue Wood (Fountaindale School)