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CMPSR: A MIDI Instrument for the Modern Beatmaker


The music production landscape is always changing, with MIDI instruments constantly battling to become your go-to tool for production & composition. 

These versatile devices offer you unprecedented control over your sound, providing you with a hands-on approach to crafting your beats, melodies, and harmonies. 

In this article, we’ll explore the world of MIDI instruments and explain why we think our very own MIDI controller, Cmpsr, is a strong choice for beat-makers seeking to elevate your craft and get ‘hands-on’ with your music. First, a little backstory. 


The Power of MIDI Instruments in Beat-making

What are MIDI Instruments?

MIDI instruments are devices that have revolutionised the music industry by offering precise control over virtual instruments, effects, and DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations). By transmitting MIDI data, these devices allow you to easily trigger sounds, manipulate parameters, and perform complex arrangements. 


MIDI controllers are much more expressive than the traditional mouse and keyboard plus, they’re a hundred times more fun! 🖱️⌨️


Introducing CMPSR: A Game-Changer for Beatmakers

Versatile Control with CMPSR

CMPSR is our innovative MIDI instrument explicitly created for you, the beatmaker. It boasts an intuitive joystick design for playing melodies and opens up a world of complex chords, all triggered by simple gestures. 👌


By combining MIDI-assignable buttons with a gamer-style joystick, you gain instant access to everything one could need when writing music. 

With built-in major and minor keys (more coming) our hardware can be plugged into anything from an iPad to a modular synth. It’s this flexibility that we think is truly unique.


Let’s dig into these features in more detail.. 



Always in Key: A Unique Feature of CMPSR

CMPSR’s ‘always in key’ chord engine simplifies playing melodies and chord progressions. Just pick your key and start jamming, all with the peace of mind that you’ll never play a ‘wrong’ note unless you want to of course! 


This key feature allows you to get your ideas out and down without having to sit and work all of the theory parts out first (where do you start?!), helping you stay in your musical flow state. 


It cuts out the fuss and complication usually found with other MIDI controllers.”


Seamless Integration: Working with Your Existing Setup

CMPSR works with all major DAWs, meaning you can easily add it to your current production setup. Additionally, if your external devices can be controlled by MIDI, then CMPSR will integrate with them effortlessly!

With its own dedicated CMPSR software, you also have the option to fully personalise the unit’s controls. Flip and play it upside down, change the button functionality or manipulate the colours, the options are endless. 


Advanced MIDI Functionality with CMPSR

With powerful MIDI capabilities, CMPSR allows you to control parameters like pitch, modulation, velocity, and effects providing unparalleled expression and dynamic control. It can even act like four KAOSS Pads in one device!


More reasons to love CMPSR!

Expanding Your Creative Palette

Included with every CMPSR is a range of premium samples, DAW templates and song starter sessions. Covering numerous genres, this toolkit is the perfect springboard into new genres, styles, and techniques, helping you to find and develop YOUR unique sound.

Enhancing Your Workflow

CMPSR integrates seamlessly with your virtual instruments to optimise your production process, allowing you to focus on the more important aspect – making outstanding beats! 


Perform With Soul & Emotion

CMPSR’s dynamic performance capabilities make it the perfect tool for breathing fresh life into your soft synths and sampler instruments. Each gesture of the joystick allows beautiful expression that fits perfectly with strings, live instruments or expansive synth pads.


‘Prepare to hear your VSTs like never before’


Perform Live With Style

With its low profile but highly expressive design, CMPSR is the perfect live-show companion. With strong gestures that lead to massive sounds, you can easily connect with the crowd and let them in on your sonic adventures! 



Final Thoughts

In the competitive world of music production, having the right tools can make all the difference. With its innovative design and advanced features, we think CMPSR stands out as an awesome choice. 


Its versatile control, seamless integration, and powerful MIDI functionality make CMPSR the ideal MIDI instrument for modern producers seeking to make their mark in the music scene. 


From the instant gratification of playing the perfect chord progression to its more complex theory and automation features, CMPSR is the perfect partner as you grow and develop your skills.

So, why not begin your MIDI fuelled beat-making journey with CMPSR and unleash your full creative potential, what are you waiting for?!



What makes CMPSR stand out among other MIDI instruments?

CMPSR stands out for its unique user-friendly design, ‘always in key’ feature, versatile control, seamless software integration, and advanced MIDI functionality. It’s designed specifically for modern beatmakers, aiming to streamline the music production process and looking to do things differently.

Is CMPSR compatible with all Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs)?

Yes, CMPSR is compatible with all major DAWs, making it easy to integrate into your existing production setup. CMPSR Beatmaker Suite comes with Bitwig 8 Track so you don’t have to buy additional software to make professional-sounding music. [Find out more]

Does CMPSR offer unique sounds or presets?

Absolutely! CMPSR’s Beatmaker Suite bundle has over 1GB of royalty-free samples selected from our chart-topping packs so it’s packed with a vast library of high-quality sounds and presets, enabling you to create professional tracks. [Find out more]

Can CMPSR help me to perform live?

Yes, with its dynamic performance capabilities, and advanced MIDI functionality CMPSR is an excellent tool for live performances. It allows you to take your music from the studio to the stage with confidence and do some very cool things not usually found on other MIDI controllers and keyboards.

Is CMPSR suitable for beginners in beat-making?

Yes, CMPSR is designed to cater to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced producers. Its intuitive design and unique features can help beginners level up their beat-making skills and give pros a totally new way to get creative.


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