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Combine the love for music & gaming, what do you get?

CMPSR: An effortlessly playable instrument requiring no prior musical skills.

✅ Always in-key so you can make music in minutes

✅ Play beautiful chords, catchy melodies, and punchy bass lines with ease

✅ Winner of Computer Music’s ‘Innovation Award 2023’

✅ Hand Built with gaming hardware in the UK

What makes CMPSR different?
The key things...

Joystick control Play complex chords, epic lead lines and control automation with just one finger. Cable Free Control

Wirelessly control your VST's, external hardware synths and mobile app instruments.

Assignable Pads

Trigger samples, create chords and add sustain with ease.

More reasons to love CMPSR!

Comes as a bundle with all you need to make music.

✅ CMPSR Instrument

✅ Bitwig Studio 8 Track music software

✅ Over 1GB+ of samples

✅ User Hub Account, packed with project starter templates, tips, tricks, tutorials and more!



  • Arcade Style Joystick

    Velocity sensitive joystick for an expressive playing experience

  • Tactile

    8 RGB music mode pads

  • Fun Functionality

    Built in Key, scale, chords, inversions, smart sustain, 5 octaves

  • Feel The Music

    Haptic engine offers vibration feedback

  • Compact and Compatible

    Control any MIDI software, mobile app or hardware

  • Plug & Play

    Easy setup with no experience needed

  • Battery

    Rechargeable long-life battery

  • Connect

    Connect wirelessly or USB-C



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