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What is the CMPSR Perform Pack?


Travelling with musical instruments can be something of a nightmare, especially when moving between countries and venues. With this in mind, we created the CMPSR Perform pack

A bespoke carry case that perfectly looks after your CMPSR and hardware, meaning you’ll never again arrive with your stuff in bits! Plus, you’ll also find the perfect CMPSR companion that locks the instrument onto your desk allowing effortless performance on any surface!So..


What is the CMPSR Perform Pack? 

The CMPSR perform pack is the perfect accompaniment to your beautiful CMPSR. Featuring a hard moulded musical instrument case and a RAM mount for attaching your instrument to anything from a desk to a mic stand. Designed with the CMPSR in mind, our cases are also equally at home when providing protection for your tech favourites, we just know you’ll love this Digit Music must have. 



What’s inside the perform pack

1 x RAM Mount -Mount that device onto literally anything with maximum solidity!

1 x CMPSR Musical Instrument Hard Case – Indestructible (almost)


Key features 

Designed with the travelling producer in mind, each feature of the Perform pack has been engineered to provide an unbreakable (almost) protection solution. Let’s dig into a few of our favourite features: 



Moulded from military tested plastics, each case is waterproof and are IP67 rated ensuring your stuff will truly last the test of time. No more opening those cases with the feeling of dread!




Air Release valve 

Designed with air travel in mind, the addition of the auto-pressure release valve was  a must-have addition for us. Having seen numerous cases be squashed when hitting the baggage collection zone our pressure release valve is the best option for keeping your precious cargo in one piece. 


The case will automatically match the pressure of the surrounding area so as the pressure goes down in the luggage bay, the case will never change shape!


Padding and protection 

Inside each box you’ll also find padding that can easily be cut to size ensuring your CMPSR won’t budge in transit.


RAM Mounts. How do they work?

Our included RAM mount provides the perfect option for connecting your CMPSR to any surface or stand. With its 3-D axis, you can easily place CMPSR into the perfect position that will enhance your workflow. Edge of the desk, side of a mic stand, bottom of a studio rack, they’re all good to go! The best bit.. RAM mounts are built to last! 



Travelling with equipment 

Last up, we thought we’d throw in a few of our go-to tips for travelling with gear. Having broken numerous pieces of hardware, had bags ripped apart by flight staff and things taken away there’s a lot to be covered (and probably another article). So: 


  • Ensure your hard cases have a breathable valve. No more squashing of your gear mid flight. 
  • Choose your gear wisely. If you have the option to travel with a cheaper option, then do. It might not sound ‘quite’ as good but it’s not worth the risk of travelling with your favourite Moog etc. 
  • Guitar pedals – Airlines enjoy prodding at these. Leave a little slack in your patch leads.
  • Research airlines in advance. Some have policies that allow instruments to go in the overhead lockers. 👌
  • Pack out those cases with the appropriate amount of foam. The tighter the better (as long as it closes). 


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